Wathiqah project to enhance women’s participation in decision-making

The initiative seeks to create women leaders in political affairs, contribute to activating their governmental status, prove their professional competence, and try to change the stigmatized view of society from women's weakness in political participation, highlighting institutional and political violence directed against them, and training officials of women's departments in how to address it.

The project addresses building confidence among women in participating in decision-making in government bodies that hold senior and middle executive positions as an inherent right of women to effective partnership in societal change, through training women (20) officials of women’s empowerment departments in ministries on how to address institutional and political violence By building their capacity to be familiar with gender and gender policy and how to activate it in the face of violence against women, and implementing a round table to create channels of communication between decision makers, trainees and women survivors of violence to raise awareness of abusive women’s issues in political positions. And announcing the design of the website by receiving complaints from women survivors of institutional and political violence. The project also presents the production of (2) videos, the first about real stories of politically abused women, and the second video about announcing the website for complaints and how to use it, and implementing episodes on the radio number (4) To find out about the challenges facing women in institutional and political affairs.