Leadership Organization for Women and Youth Empowerment A non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to lead women and youth and empower them in all fields through programs and projects to build capacity, defend their rights and advocate, and employ scientific research to identify and address strengths and weaknesses.

The Leadership Organization for the Empowerment of Women and Youth is headquartered in Ghat, and we have a branch in Tripoli and a branch in the mountain, and we have coordinators in most of the municipalities in Libya.

Our vision

Building a democratic state dominated by knowledge, peace, justice and sustainable development.

Our message

Enhancing the role of women and youth and preparing ambitious leadership competencies by empowering them professionally, legally, economically and politically.

Values ​​and principles

The Leadership Organization for Women and Youth Empowerment is committed to the principles of human rights, non-discrimination, justice, respect for others, responsibility in building, tolerance and positive change, effective participation, accuracy and achievement in teamwork, as well as a commitment to transparency, objectivity and sincerity in achieving the goals of the organization and promoting the effective participation of youth and women.

Our goals

  • Work on building the capacities of youth and women and developing their skills in all fields.
  • Work on preparing cadres and leaders of women and youth and empowering them in all fields.
  • Contribute to the development of strategies, plans, and capacity development programs for women and youth.
  • Preparing studies and statistics related to the objectives of the organization.
  • Working to raise awareness and educate women and youth about their rights.

Who do we target?

  • Direct targets: women and youth of both sexes
  • Indirect targets: official institutions, governmental and local bodies, municipalities, civil society and the media 

Management capabilities and experience in the organization

The organization is led by an administrative staff with management experience and high skills in leadership and resource management, and has an integrated policy manual in administrative and financial procedures, evaluation and follow-up.

Organization headquarters

Sidi Al-Masry opposite the Ministry of Agriculture