Citizens' opinions based on the distribution of a questionnaire to the people of Ghat

ماهي أهم المشكلات في بلدية غات :

  1. Lack of opportunity for young people
  2. Lack of strategic planning
  3. Garbage
  4. lighting
  5. Public garden cleaning
  6. The unemployment
  7. Sewage
  8. High prices in the markets and shops
  9. Attention to drinking water
  10. Water network repair
  11. municipal cleanliness
  12. No dialogue with the citizen
  13. Lack of flexibility and regional control in the municipality
  14. Non-participation of the citizen.
  15. Lack of control over shops and markets.
  16. Use of local expertise.
  17. Involvement of civil society organizations.
  18. Lack of strategic planning
  19. The lack of clear plans for the municipality in which youth and women participate.
  20. High prices .
  21. Neglecting the maintenance of water networks.
  22. Street cleanliness
  23. Lack of parks and entertainment venues.
  24. neglect of the youth group.
  25. Failure to complete service projects.

اقتراحات المواطنين لتحسين الخدمات بشكل أكثر كفاءة وفعالية في البلديات بلدية غات :

  1. Activating the role of youth.
  2. Providing job opportunities.
  3. Creating small projects for housewives.
  4. Providing opportunities for young people.
  5. Participation of local groups in the implementation of projects.
  6. Cooperating with the people to solve the problems of the municipality.
  7. Youth leadership.
  8. Cooperating with the youth category in the municipality's awareness programs.
  9. Involvement of civil society institutions in solving the bottlenecks of the municipality.
  10. Water well drilling.
  11. Use of local expertise.
  12. Involvement of civil society organizations.
  13. Go out to the streets and dialogue with the citizens and involve them in building their municipality.
  14. Municipal response to civil society organizations.
  15. Cooperation with neighboring municipalities.
  16. The application of successful experiences in municipalities.
  17. Opening production services within the municipalities.
  18. Community participation for all.
  19. Promoting young talents in leadership.
  20. Talent support.
  21. Operation of public water desalination.
  22. Establishing a complaint fund.
  23. Courses in human development.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
With all thanks to everyone who designed, implemented and participated in the survey